Top Office Cleaning Dos and Don'ts You Should Know


Office cleaning is one of the essential tasks every company has to do to ensure that the work environment is safe, so the employees can be more productive and healthy. After all, this is where workers spend a significant part of their day or night while working. One of the best ways to accomplish this, other than seeking commercial cleaning services, is to know some simple hints that will help you maintain cleanliness in the office. The following dos and don'ts are a great place to start.

Food and drinks

Sustenance is one of the essential things your employees require to get the energy to work. However, this doesn't mean that you should allow the team to keep the office unkempt. Creating some rules can help keep the office clean.

Do: Ask the workers to take their snacks or meals in designated eating areas, such as the break room, cafeteria, or dining area. Allowing everyone to eat at their desk will only mess up the office, and before you know it, the entire office will be smelly. Moreover, other co-workers will not like working in a messy office.


Dust and other environmental elements can easily accumulate on your laptops, desktops or other electronics you have in the office.

Do: Make sure the computers, printers and other electronics are cleaned once or twice every week, depending on the environmental conditions, to ensure dust doesn't accumulate on them. There is a wide range of cleaning products you can use to keep the electronics and keyboards tidy. Screens should only be cleaned using a microfiber cloth.

Don't: Employees should not eat from their desks. This will keep the electronics from being damaged by crumbs or drinks. Also, avoid using a dry cloth to wipe the electronic items to avoid damaging them. A damp cloth is more suitable.


Other than cleaning your electronics, it is essential to keep the desks tidy. After all, this is where you place your electronics, documents and papers, and if things are cluttered, the office will appear unkempt.

Do: Setting up a folder system can help keep your documents organised. So, make sure you prioritise this to sort papers accordingly. A wastebasket should also be kept near.

Don't: Allowing your employees to throw files around is wrong. Other than keeping the office untidy, the unkempt office will be hazardous and your workspace will reduce as well.

Proper organisation reduces office clutter and improves focus too. So, make sure you encourage your employees to consider the tips mentioned above and make them a habit, rather than an afterthought.

For more information or help with office cleaning, contact a cleaning service in your area.


6 March 2020

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