5 Simple Changes To Make Your Home Attractive To The Executive Leasing Market

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As part of the Australian government's migration programme, more than 128,000 skilled people moved to Australia in the period 2013 to 2014. More than 47,000 of these people were on employer-sponsored visas, creating a significant opportunity for property developers looking to rent out their homes on corporate contracts. Executive leasing is a lucrative industry in Australia, with many skilled migrants looking for properties to meet their needs while working in the country.

1 December 2014

Five Ways Buyers Advocates Help Prestige Buyers

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If you are a prestige buyer looking for a multi-million dollar home, a buyers advocate can be an essential part of that process. As you search for your next dream home, their expertise and knowledge will benefit you in the following ways: 1. Finding Rare Gems In the past, a $1 million home signaled prestige, and even now, it's certainly not like living in a cardboard box, but a $2 million house is a true sign that you can afford luxury.

3 November 2014