Four Signs That You Have Termites in Your House


Drywood termites are one of the most annoying and destructive pests you can have in your home. They attack and build on every part of the home from the foundation, doors, windows and other structures. The trickiest part of dealing with termites is that you can have them in your home for ages, without ever realising their presence. Sadly, many homeowners realise they have been living with termites when the termites have eaten off structures to the point that the structures are falling apart.  Here are some signs which will indicate to you that you may have termites in your home.

Odd Noises in the Walls

One of the ways that you may discover the presence of termites in your house is the presence of persistent but quiet clicking noises inside the walls. These sounds are the result of soldier termites banging their heads continuously on the wood. Another common sound is the shifting sound which results from the termites shaking their bodies whenever there is a disturbance in their colony. Worker termites also eat noisily, and if the house is quiet, you can actually hear them munching away at the wood.

Presence of Hollows in Your Timber

Another common indication that your house is infested with termites is when the wooden structures end up papery or hollow. This happens because termites eat the wood from the inside out. Sometimes, the termites are so destructive that they eat everything, leaving only the veneer or other coating the wood had before the attack. The presence of tunnels inside the wood is also another common indicator that you have termites in your home.

Tight-fitting Doors and Windows

Most people think that tight-fitting doors and windows in the home are the result of damp and hot weather or foundation problems. However, the moisture that results from the termite's feeding activities also leads to the warping of doors and windows. The tunnelling process in itself also changes the structure and integrity of the wood, which increases its vulnerability and makes it warp more easily.

These are some of the most common indicators that you might be housing termites. Other common indicators of termite presence in the home include frass or termite droppings. Drywood termites do not use their droppings to make tunnels, and therefore, it is easy to spot the droppings. Currently, there is technology to test and determine if termites are present in a house without tearing structures down. It is advisable to call in a termite extermination company as soon as you realise you have a termite problem and have them resolve it. 


30 December 2019

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