Common Misconceptions About Asbestos in a Home

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Asbestos is a word that homeowners don't like to hear when it comes to their own home, and with good reason; asbestos has been linked to breathing disorders and certain forms of cancer. While it can be very frightening to hear that you may have asbestos on your property, you want to ensure you're getting accurate information about this substance so you know if you should look for it in your home, and know how to manage it safely. Note a few common misconceptions that people have about asbestos and then talk to a licensed asbestos removal company as needed about your home's situation.

Where asbestos can be found around the home

Many years ago, asbestos was often used as insulation in residential attics, and this may be why people assume that this is the only place where asbestos will be found. However, the material was also used for added soundproofing and plumbing insulation, so if you notice an unrecognizable substance wrapped around the home's plumbing pipes or under the carpeting, floor tiles, or floorboards or around your home's hot water heater, this could also be asbestos. If you see any substance in your home that you don't recognize, err on the side of caution and call an asbestos inspector immediately to handle it for you.

Small amounts of exposure is safe

Most areas allow homeowners to dispose of very small amounts of asbestos on their own; the amount that is legal for you to handle yourself will vary according to your area. However, just because you're allowed to dispose of small amounts of asbestos doesn't mean that you're safe from the risk of exposure. Inhaling even trace amounts of asbestos improperly can be damaging to lungs, much like drinking even small amounts of poison can be very dangerous. If you do decide to remove any amounts of asbestos yourself, always ensure you have a proper breathing apparatus, eye protection, long gloves, and disposable clothing and shoe covers.

Asbestos removal has already been done

When asbestos was found to be dangerous and then faced legal restrictions some years back, this didn't mean that homeowners were actually required to remove the material from their home; those restrictions affected how the material was used in new construction, and how existing asbestos was to be handled. Never assume that a new home you're buying won't have asbestos, thinking that the previous homeowners were somehow obligated to remove this substance if it was found; the homeowners may have contained it rather than removed it or may not have even known that it was in their home.


7 March 2017

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