Modern Car Keys - Replacement Know-How


Modern car keys come with built-in security technology that makes it more difficult for car thieves. Unfortunately this can also make life more difficult for you, the motorist, should you lose your keys. Use this helpful guide to learn more about today's car keys and how to go about replacing them. Naturally you want to keep the inconvenience and expense of lost car keys to an absolute minimum.

Why Are Today's Car Keys So Expensive?

Modern car keys come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes but have three major components in common. The basic key anatomy features:

  • The blade – which is inserted into the car to start it
  • The remote section or button – to lock and unlock the car
  • The transponder – an electronic chip inside the head of the key, or on a separate fob. It is coded to the car and when inserted into the ignition transmits a signal that acts as a security/immobiliser system.

It is the sophisticated electronic features that make the keys considerably more expensive than a simple opening device. Since 2000 all new cars in Australia include electronic mobiliser technology.

Replacing Lost Keys: Are You In The Know?

Many people mistakenly think that they need to go back to the manufacturer because it is stated in their car owner's manual. They return to the dealership and are then faced with prolonged waiting times and major expense, particularly with vehicles manufactured overseas. Automotive locksmiths all around the country offer a genuine alternative service and are able to recode and replace keys for the majority of vehicle models. Making use of their services has a number of advantages, including:

  • The huge benefit of their service is that they are set up to come to you. They have mobile equipment, diagnostic tools and parts to bring to your vehicle's location. You save time in not needing to travel to the dealer.
  • Automotive locksmiths are usually much less expensive. Although they carry genuine replacements they can also offer a much less costly option. They can supply after-market keys which may look slightly different from the original but work just as well.

The locksmith may have an even cheaper manual option available. This key does not include the remote entry component and you need to manually open the car door. Perhaps it is an easy solution to getting back on the road quickly, but it does not offer long term convenience.

As with many things in life, prevention is always better than cure. So keep the following tips in mind for better car key awareness and management.

Top Tips For Enlightened Key Owners

For New Car Buyers - As part of the negotiation process and before you sign the contract, you could ask for a third set of keys. This will give you added back-up security and save potential replacement costs in the future.

For Used Car Buyers - Ensure that you get a second key as part of the transaction. Ask if there have been replacement keys made in the past. Some models only allow a limited number of keys to be coded into the car's system. If more are required, it may involve high costs for resetting the computer.

Overall Good Practices

  • Never be tempted by the bargain blank keys that are often offered on popular online trading sites. Most will not work.
  • If your key is a flip style where the key blade retracts, it is well worth rotating the use of your keys to avoid one wearing out quickly.
  • Consider attaching a small tag to the keys with only your first name and phone contact number in the event of misplacing them.

Ultimately, if you monitor your car keys closely and have some of these suggested back-up measures in place, you have the best chance of remaining on the road without any replacement concerns.


19 February 2015

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