Some Common Materials and Finishes Available for Security Window Screens


One of the most common areas of entry into homes during break-ins is the windows. That's why many modern homeowners all over Australia are constantly looking for effective ways to increase their window security. One of the products available in this regard is security window screens. As the name clearly suggests, these window screens are primarily designed to cover and secure window openings that burglars can use to enter a home. But the screens can also provide a myriad of different perks, including pest-resistance, enhanced aesthetics, improved energy performance in the home, protection from the sun's damaging UV rays, et cetera, et cetera. 

Security window screens come in a selection of materials and finishes, and this can make it difficult for an uninformed homeowner to select the right product for their home. Let's take a look at some of the various materials and finishes available for these window screens, so as to help the average homeowner choose a product that suits their home.


Security window screens are primarily made of metal wire mesh, though modern varieties can also be made of non-metal materials, such as fibreglass and some special-grade plastics. Some of the most commonly used metal materials for making window screens are steel (stainless steel and glavanised steel) and aluminium.  Both materials are ideal for strong and durable window screening, but aluminium offer superior rust resistance while steel is generally considered to be more robust choice of material. If you value aesthetics, then aluminium would make a better choice of material than steel. This is because aluminium is in general lighter in weight and more malleable than steel and therefore can be fabricated into a wider range of styles. Security screens made of fibreglass and some engineered plastics can also be used for residential window covering applications because they does not rust and does not tear easily. 


Security window screens are meant to be functional as well as aesthetic. Various protective systems are available depending on the type of material used to manufacture window screens. For example, paint and powder-coated coatings are available for metallic screens whereas fibreglass may be vinyl-coated to prevent damage. Likewise, plastic screens come in a selection of colours so that homeowners can choose a product that makes their home look nice. 

The best way to ensure that you install security window screens that are both functional and aesthetic is to select a material and finish type that is strong enough to burglarproof your windows, but also accentuates the beauty of your home. The choice is yours!


9 May 2017

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