3 Preparatory Actions To Make Your Home A Better Sell

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Selling your property can be just as stressful as buying if you don't prepare well because there are a myriad of factors to consider before setting a selling price and staging your home for inspections. Follow these preparatory actions to make your home worth selling.

Study The Property Trends In Your Neighbourhood

The current property trends in your neighbourhood will determine the selling price tag you set for your home during the real estate process. Focus on the prices other properties have sold for in your market because buyers will refer to the same trends when making offers on your home. If you set your rate below the trend price, buyers may view your home with suspicion and assume there are underlying faults. This will likely result in fewer offers than you wanted. If you set your price above the market rate in your area, buyers will stay away for fears of bank under-valuation during the settlement process. To make sure you get it right, study your neighbourhood property trends diligently and set your selling price in accordance with market expectations for the best results.

Consider Refreshing The Appearance Of Your Home

Keep in mind that many prospective homebuyers pay heed to appearance when looking at properties on sale. If your home has a tired finish, then many buyers will refrain from making an offer on it simply because there are a multitude of properties that make an effort with their appearance during inspections. If you're working with a real estate agent, get a professional opinion of what you need to do to bring your home up to selling-worthy standards. For instance, a fresh coat of paint can give your rooms a renewed appearance, and the few thousands you spend on painting can stretch your sales price by tens of thousands more, making this task an excellent investment for you. Washing and polishing floors can also make a huge difference to the way your home looks for inspections.

Remove Your Personal Keepsakes And Memories

Keep in mind that you're trying to entice buyers to make a decision that fits in with their expectations and emotions, not yours. Remove items like personal photos, wedding mementos, sculptures and other items that are personal to you. The buyers need to envision the space as something they see themselves living in, and your personal items can hamper their emotional connection to the home. Stage the home as neutrally as possible so that prospective homebuyers can visualise placing their own items inside.


27 February 2017

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